Jimmy from Bright Insight is hands down one of the best YouTube channels in regard to Lost Ancient Civilization, Corruption, and Conspiracy. His breakdowns and reviews are superb and we strongly recommend this channel.

Exploited Inspiration

Bright Insight is one of the biggest inspiration to the Exploited Education website. If we can make even a percent of the impact that Jimmy has we would have succeeded.

Down To Earth

Finding unbiased and down to Earth information in today’s world is extremely difficult. Bright Insight accomplishes this wonderfully!

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Jimmy invests great amounts of time and dedication into his work. Support him today via his Patreon account.


Here is the most popular video by Bright Insight. It’s titled “THIS is Why The Sumerians are NOT Taught in School – Sumerian Tablets – Lost Ancient Civilization” and poses some very interesting questions while revealing critical information about the Sumerian culture.