The internet sensation Tai Lopez is an Investor, Entrepreneur, and Author. Tai Lopez literally lives the good life, just check out his Snap Chat and you’ll know what we mean! This guy is always going, improving, and taking his business and knowledge to the next level.

Exploited Inspiration

Tai Lopez is one of the biggest inspiration to the Exploited Education website. The size, quality, and dominance of the network and team he has built is absolutely outstanding. Following in the footsteps of this modern day knowledge giant is our full intention.

High Quality

Tai’s findings have been inspired and derived from the elite and successful around the world. From owners of huge corporations to movie stars.

The 67 Steps

Check out and join the life changing 67 step program developed by Tai Lopez and his team. It changed our life and it can change yours as well.

The 67 Steps


Here is the most popular video by Tai Lopez. It’s titled “Here In My Garage” and this is it folks, the video that broke the internet! This is the video that made Tai Lopez very well know through out the internet community. Check it out for yourself.