Codecademy is one of the top websites that will teach you how to code for free. They offer professional plans that when your ready can expedite your coding skills and allow you to develop them further.

Visually Appealing

From Introduction to completing your first training section, this sight is a treat to work with. The actual coding areas where you train are designed very well and provide an elegant experience.


Not everything Codecademy offers is free, but what is free can really get you going in the right direction. It’s definitely worth signing up.

Many Subjects

Web Development, Programming, Data Science, Partnerships, Designs are some of the subjects they offer. Each of which have there own training modules.


Below is a full list of the current training courses offered (at the time of this posts creation). For a more accurate list of courses sign up for with a free account today!

Build Websites from Scratch Learn to design and build professional websites using HTML & CSS 10 weeks

Build Front-End Web Applications from Scratch Learn JavaScript and ReactJS, a new technology used in apps like Netflix 8 weeks

Build Web APIs from Scratch Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript and Express.js 8 weeks

Test-Driven Development Learn the programming best-practice, Test Driven Development, while building fullstack JavaScript web applications. 6 weeks

Introduction to Data Analysis Learn the data skills you need to make more informed decisions. 10 weeks

Build Website UIs Learn the fundamentals of User Interface design and visual design while building websites with HTML and CSS. 8 weeks

Learn SQL from Scratch Master SQL queries and work with multiple datasets so you can analyze your business data and level up your career. 6 weeks

Programming with Python Learn Python fundamentals that set you up to work in web development and machine learning. 9 weeks

Data Visualization with Python Learn the basics of the data science programming language Python to organize, analyze and visualize your data. 6 weeks

Welcome to Codecademy! Are you new to coding? This is the perfect place to start learning!

Learn HTML Learn the basics of HTML, the essential language of the web. This course covers version 5 of HTML.

Learn Python Learn to program in Python, a powerful language used by sites like YouTube and Dropbox. Learn the fundamentals of programming to build web apps and manipulate data.

Introduction To JavaScript Learn the fundamentals of JavaScript, the programming language of the web.

Learn CSS Learn how to style and visually organize HTML with CSS. This course covers version 3 of CSS.

Make a Website Explore HTML & CSS fundamentals as you build a website in this introductory course to web development.

Introduction to Alexa Learn how to build and host your own Alexa Skill.

Conversational Design with Alexa Learn how to build more conversational Alexa skills.

Learn Java Learn the basics of the popular Java language in this introductory course.

Learn SQL Learn to communicate with databases using SQL, the standard data management language.

Introduction to jQuery Learn the basics of jQuery, a JavaScript library that allows you to add dynamic behavior to static web pages.

Learn ReactJS: Part I Build powerful interactive applications with this popular JavaScript library.

Learn ReactJS: Part II Build powerful interactive applications with this popular JavaScript library.

Learn Responsive Design Learn responsive design techniques, like relative sizing units and media queries, to create websites viewable on devices of all sizes.

Learn Sass Expand your CSS knowledge by learning SCSS syntax, nesting, functions, and more in this course on the Sass styling language.

Learn Express Learn how to make back-end apps using the popular Express.js framework

Learn Node-SQLite Learn how to interact with a SQL database from within your JavaScript programs in this course on the ‘node-sqlite3’ package.

Deploy a Website Learn how to publish a personal website to the public Internet.

Learn Ruby Learn to program in Ruby, a flexible language used to create sites like Codecademy. Ruby is a powerful yet beginner-friendly language used for professional web apps all over the world.

Learn Ruby on Rails Learn the basics of building applications with this convenient, powerful web development framework.

Ruby on Rails: Authentication Learn how to add user sign up, login and logout functionality to your Rails applications in this intermediate course.

Learn Git Learn to save and manage different versions of your code projects with this essential tool.

Learn the Command Line Discover the power of this simple, yet essential text-based tool and increase your productivity as a developer.

Learn AngularJS 1.X Learn how to easily build single-page web applications using this popular JavaScript framework.

SQL: Table Transformation Practice more SQL in this course that covers how to manipulate and transform data.

SQL: Analyzing Business Metrics Explore SQL further in this course focusing on how to analyze data.

Learn the Watson API Use IBM’s Personality Insights API to analyze traits shared between two Twitter users.