To make a point is not the objective of Exploited Education. God, no God. High Power, no High Power. Aliens, no Aliens. This experience is to expand your way of thinking and to elevate your perspective or awareness to a higher level than it was before. If you end up broadening the way you think at all, Exploited Education has done it’s job. So, lighten up and enjoy these topics. Formulate your own conclusions and do with them what you please. Thank you and we appreciate all the support from people.


There are so many topics out in the world that nobody even knows about. We are distracted from these topics and disconnected due to the society that we live within. Theres always seems to be something going on that prevents us from learning anything but what society expects. Holidays, Entertainment, School, and Day Jobs are enough to box in our learning capabilities. The majority of people find interest in many of the topics presented on Exploited Education and we wanted to create a way to deliver it to them in the most appealing and authentic way possible. We hope that everyone who uses Exploited Education can find a place to learn and grow who they are and what they know.