Bigger Than Egypt

These stones are bigger than any found in Cairo, Egypt. In my opinion these are the most mysterious Megalithic stones in the world. Watch the video below for a solid perspective of the stones.

Stone of the Pregnant Women

Modern Day Crane Needed

Here is a modern day crane that is mobile enough to move blocks like these. The limit it can lift is 1,200 Tons or 2,400,000 Pounds. 1,000 Tons is the weight of the Stone of the Pregnant Women. Although the crane is capable of lifting the stones weight there is still the question of how you would get under the stone so that it could be lifted in the first place.

Another stone that’s bigger?

This cut block is even bigger than the Stone of the Pregnant Women. It weighs in at 1,242 Tons which is equivalent to 2,484,000 Pounds. 484,000 Pounds heavier than the stone above!

The Largest Discovered Stone Cut by Humans

This almost starts to put the Stone of Pregnant Women to shame. Not really, but kind of. This stone was found on the side of the Stone of the Pregnant Women buried under the ground. It weighs in at 1,650 Tons which is equivalent to 3,300,000 Pounds. 1,000,000 more pounds than the Stone of the Pregnant Women! To help you understand the absurdity that this is, the average weight of a car in America is around 4,000 Pounds. This means that this one block is equivalent to the weight of 750 everyday cars.

Side by Side

The largest stone is located right next to the Stone of the Pregnant Women.

During the Excavation

Here you can see the full outline of the stone as they are starting to get it uncovered.

– I wonder what else is down there?


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