The Mysteries of the Pyramids

The Great Pyramid of Giza has stunned the world since before we can remember. At one point or another you’ve probably heard about the Pyramid. Now you’ll notice that I’m referring to the Pyramids as “Pyramid”, because in my opinion the biggest Egyptian pyramid is the most mysterious of all. Instead of rambling, here you go. Below the great Bright Insight from YouTube will be laying out several of the Pyramids mysterious. Enjoy.

1. The 8 Sided Pyramid

Each side of the Great Pyramid is slightly concave. This was thought to help hold the original casing stones in place. This increases the difficulty of build greatly. It’s also thought that these indented sides worked as a type of shock or hinge to protect the structure against earthquakes. This obviously isn’t your typical pyramid structure. Building a pyramid is one thing, building a sophisticated pyramid is some else entirely.

To us, the amazing part of these hinges are the fact that the builders were integrating this design into the pyramid as they were constructing it. They did this on purpose, it shows that this structure was well thought out and that they were able to execute it very effectively. (Click the picture for a Light Box)

2. The Forgotten Casing Stones

After its final construction, the Great Pyramid was completely covered is casing stones. Each side of the pyramid was flat, rather than having steps as we see it today. This guy get up close to some of the few remaining casing stones, the majority of these casing stones were lost to history.

3. Center of Land Mass

If you were to take all of the land on earth and bunch it up together (Kind of like Pangea), the Great Pyramids would be located directly at the center. What are the chances that one of the most mysterious and controversial structures we have ever discovered is located at the center of all land mass on Earth?

Below you can find the central location of all land mass on Earth and Pangaea. Pangaea was the formation of the continents on Earth before each continent separated from each other over time. As you can see each continent fits together like pieces of a puzzle. (Click or Swipe the images below to view them)
Map of the center of all land mass on earth

4. Aligned True North

The northern side of the pyramid is aligned almost perfectly with true north on a compass. Finding true north is the easy part, modern day engineers are challenged when trying to integrate this accurately into buildings. They believe that at one point it was even more accurate. This would’ve been planned out before the construction of the pyramid and was executed with a high degree of precision.

5. A Line of Megaliths

The Great Pyramids are included within a ring of significant Megalithic structures that wraps around the earth. This can be seen from the video below.

Here is a much more in depth video by Bright Insight explaining the different sites that are in alignment around the world.