Expansion 1.0

Expansion 1.0

A New Reality:

The Reality section will push you in a direction that will help you open your mind. Get focused and prepare yourself for what you are about to see.

You Matter

You are the observer of the life around you every day. When you look at or see something you have an impact on it, simply by observing it. You are changing the physical state or make up of whatever you are looking at. Everything has a frequency and when you look at something you are impacting its frequency. Although you cannot see a change, there is still a change taking place.

My Understanding

You alter the state of an object by looking at it, in some way you are communicating with the thing you are starring at. We are communicating with the object by imposing are own frequencies upon the object.

Gut Feeling and Possible explanation of manifestation:

However we feel about the object, increases the likely hood of the object becoming what we think of it. The more intensely we feel about something, the more amplified our frequencies become. The stronger our frequencies, the more they effect the object, and the more of a chance the object we are connecting with will become what we think or feel of it. Our frequency starts to resonate with our thoughts and feeling which are of the object we are looking at and its potential outcome. By no means is this scientific, this is just a gut feeling.

Quantum Entanglement

Everything in our existence is connected in some way. Two particles Thousands of miles away can be communicating with each other without any delay in time. Those particles are communicating faster than the speed of light! Technically there is no speed, since the particles are communicating instantly. How is this possible? And what allows these particles to communicate over such great distances?

Thoughts Create Things

The more you think something, the more it becomes a part of who you are. Knowing this, you can make an instant change. By blocking out as many of the negative things in your life as you can, you will naturally become a more positive person. Why choose negativity when it’s just as easy to choose positivity? It’s just a choice. It’s your choice that could make the difference between your success and happiness or your failure and depression. Make sure you choose the things in life that make you feel good. You’re the only one that can choose to avoid the negativity of life or work to change the negativity into positivity. The beauty of life is that no other person can take can control of your being. If you can learn to control your thoughts, you can learn to create your life.

See The Door

“I can only show you the door, you’re the one who has to walk through it.”
– Morpheus (The Matrix)

I can’t make you learn the information that you are about to see. You must be willing to learn it yourself, and desire to know and understand it. Once you are prepared to attract and absorb this knowledge, it will then become a part of who you are. Resulting in a new and more understanding version of yourself. If you’re happy with your life in every aspect, I recommend that you don’t continue. You will only be wasting your own time, please prepare yourself to truly understand what your about to see.


Exploited Education is here to assist you in expanding your mind. If at first you are unsure of what you are seeing or if you just don’t agree with it at all please continue on. Whether you accept the content or not that is not the main objective, understanding the concepts of these videos is the most important take away you can reward yourself with.

The Journey Begins

Thank you for going through the Expansion 1.0 section. We hope that some aspect of your mind has been altered. At this point you’ve most likely decided if all this is complete bullshit or if you’ve identified it as a tool to help you grow who you are. Either is completely fine, if we’ve got you thinking on any level we have done our job! Now that you have been exposed to this content we believe you should be ready for some of the other more specific but amazing topics. Select the path you would like to take below.

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