The Beauty of Nature

What is beautiful? Describing whether or not something is beautiful may be difficult, but visually seeing beauty is easy. Humans tend to be pretty good at determining the most beautiful sight in front of them. Whether the beauty is found within a blossoming flower or the structure of a persons face, there seems to be something within that catches our eyes. That moment when you pause and appreciate what you are looking at. That is the moment that can be attributed to one thing in particular, The Fibonacci Sequence (or Golden Ratio). This sequence is a Ratio found within what we would identify as beautiful objects all around the world. The video below will demonstrate where we can find the Fibonacci Sequence.

At the very least this is something to take note of in life. Understand that this is in affect all around us. As human beings we have a special relationship with the sequence. Nature, the thing we live within strives towards this sequence in many different ways. Maybe it’s the most effective way to grow? Maybe it’s the most effective way to attract? Figuring out the sequence has been a long journey for the human race and has led to many different theories. One theory is that this sequence proves the world we live within was designed by an intelligent creator. To us at Exploited Education this doesn’t prove intelligent design quite yet, there is much more to be understood and or discovered before we can arrive at such a conclusion. When you start asking why and looking into all of the different places that it shows through out our world it really gets you thinking. One thing this shows for sure, is the complexity and beauty of which the world we live within is made up of.

Vihart YouTube Series

Here is a great video series created by the YouTube user “Vihart”.

Check out her YouTube page here “”


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