The music industry is known for it’s corruption and affiliation with powerful members of society. Artists are taken advantage of, used up and spit out. The home of the industry Hollywood lead to people “doing whatever it takes” to get to the top. The major record labels run the show and are the gate keepers of modern day music development. Who sits at the top of these groups of power and what strange affiliations do they dabble with?


Exposing the current society we live in. Hopsin is attempting to enlighten people to the forces in their life that they might have ever noticed. Listen closely and think of the topics and situations that main stream media portrays and places in front of the world.

Here is a more direct message clearly calling out the Illuminati and society. (One of the most underrated Hopsin songs!)

The Underworld

Topics to take away from this 1990’s rap song.

  • Illuminati – Secret Society
  • D’Evils – The bad things that are done for success
  • Money & Power – The encourager
  • God vs Bad – The transformation form Good to Bad
  • Mind, Soul, and Body – The things that are sacrificed for success
  • Liquor Consumption – To deal with the things they’ve done


This is a perspective of  some of the people growing up in bad neighborhoods go through to reach the top. Crime and Drug affiliation are heavy influence’s of the young and sometime are the only likely option to get them where they want to be, at the cost of it all. (Warning: Very Graphic Content)

This song painted it’s picture better than any other. Only one vibe, chills…

  • Corrupted young mind at the age of 13 – molded and guided down a bad path before fully mature (Society & Environment)
  • “Primary concern was making a million”
  • Commit Crimes – Enough said…
  • Street Respect – Proving himself (Transformation of Good to Bad)
  • Gave into his greed – His inner dream is always pulling him towards a material heavy life
  • Scar face (Movie) Stuck in his brain
  • Puffy – Popular Rapper
  • “The Wicked that new in advanced”
  • “I’m falling and I can’t turn back” – Regret (“It might last you forever”)
  • Oedipus Rex Situational
  • Standing among one of you at my shows – Illuminati/Positioned Power


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