Down the Rabbit Hole:

Welcome to the 2nd part of the Expansion Series. Expansion 1.0 was designed to expose you to a new way of thinking you probably have not experienced before. Hopefully it has prepped you to start learning the perspectives of more complicated or controversial topics.

Expansion 2.0 is based around a YouTube Series called the “The Killuminati Series.” Most of the original videos have been deleted or blocked by YouTube, but fans have re-posted them and are keeping them alive. We at Exploited Education believe that some of this series is a “stretch”, but there’s no denying that it can really change your perspective and assist you in seeing the world differently.

Love > Fear

Sound is what holds everything we know together. All matter is held together by frequencies. This video is trying to get you to see that humans are manipulators of frequency. Our thoughts omit frequencies that affect the world around us. All emotions stem from either Love or Fear. Love being the most positive frequency, and fear being the most negative frequency within our spectrum. Your life is your own illusion, referring to the end of the video. Who you are, is what your world will become. Stay happy, stay thankful, have faith in something, and overall be positive.

A New You, A New Life

The mark of our “creator” could potentially be found throughout everything in our world. The sequence discussed in the video is amazing evidence of this, it’s called the Fibonacci Sequence.


We are apart of our creator, and we have the ability that of our creator (Assuming a higher race created us genetically in their image). We are able to take part in the creation of this world (Because we were created from outside of this world). Referring to the quote at the end of the video, stop looking from the outside at material objects and then desiring them to come to you. Start looking at yourself from the inside as a person who has an deserves the things you want, and they will manifest themselves into your life via hardwork and confidence.

A Megalithic Meaning

Pause, and think… could all of this be just be a coincidence? If you were a detective trying to solve a murder and you kept finding clue, after clue, after clue all dealing with the same suspect (Golden Ratio, Megaliths from the past). Wouldn’t you start to believe maybe that that suspect committed the murder or at the very least had something to do with the murder? At the very least we should expect that Golden Ratio has some type of significance behind it globally in our world. It corresponds with Beauty and Growth in Nature, but what else does it correspond to that we just haven’t learned yet? What if technology created in a specific way using the Golden Ratio could form advanced technology? What if that technology once existed and since has been lost?

We Need Answers

Why is everything from the Spiral of a hurricane to the proportion of the human arm gravitating towards the Golden Ratio? Also why are these ratios found in our Megalithic buildings of the past, such as the Great Pyramid of Giza? Why don’t we accept the importance of the Golden Ratio into mainstream education such as our high schools or colleges (instead it is mainly used as a boring variable that the majority will just forget by the next marking period)? Regardless of its acceptance into our modern societies, these findings are real. You can’t just discard them. There was a higher understanding of the earth and the way this world works in our past. How did our ancestors obtain this knowledge, where did we go from ape men to potential manipulators and developers of gravitational forces (or even just developers of extremely sophisticated structures and technologies)? The answer is out there.

A Masonic Temple

If a great technology once existed, does it possibly still exist? Was it potentially recovered after a great or many great cataclysms from ancient ruins? Who are the people in control of this technology? If Freemasons are the holders of this technology that is pointed out in the video, then where did they get their technology? The gap from ape men to advanced technologies is still unexplained. One thing is for sure, these Freemasons didn’t just throw up all these cool designs for no reason, if you know anything about Freemasons everything they do is symbolic and full of meaning. They created the dollar bill, and it took them over 4 years before it was finished. It is loaded with hidden meanings and potentially ideas or beliefs.

Just Another Block

Massive stones at the end of the video are real, and they are even recorded in mainstream history. How were they cut, shaped, and moved? Some of these blocks weigh over 1,000 tons. One ton equals 2,000 pounds. So let me rephrase, some individual blocks weighed over 2 million pounds, and that’s not even the heaviest of them. These blocks had to be moved in some cases over 500 miles. Why would they choose a task so strenuous and unrealistic, unless to them, it wasn’t strenuous or unrealistic? Maybe the task wasn’t the struggle to them? Maybe the design (Massive, Durable, and Resistant stones) was the most convenient and realistic for building over long periods of time. To them building this way must have made sense.

Creative Programming

We are looking for a better way to live our lives, every day we come face to face with our own unique problems. Sometimes these problems get the best of us, and we don’t know how to prevent or stop them from happening. We were raised to accept the negativity into our lives. By the time we reach adult hood we have programmed our subconscious so deeply to accept negativity as a part of our daily realities. This absolutely needs to stop! You don’t have to let the negativity in! We are allowing our life’s to be miserable, accepting it. Stop accepting defeat! We have the power to make a change, all of us do. We need to start believing in the things we want, and turning everything into a learning experience to evade the bad.

What A Wonderful World

Setting aside all negativity at first glance is no easy task, not at all. You’ll try to change, and life will kick you right in the ass. Once that happens, most of us give up, we say it’s too hard, or it’s not going to work, or that’s unrealistic. In reality this is where you need to say to yourself, well I learned from that ass kicking and I’m ready to learn some more. You need to turn your failures into successes. You do this by learning from experiences, no matter the outcome. Then adjust yourself accordingly, fixing or improving anything that is needed. Everything in life has the potential to be a failure, but can never make it to that point if you don’t let it. Stop allowing yourself to build up negative habits. Stop thinking about the negative, and start only think about the positives. Build yourself into a positive, happy, and joyful person, and you will attract all of those things into your life materially. Who is anyone but yourself to tell you what type of person you are, you might as well be the one you want to be.

A Path To Answers

Whoever our ancient ancestors were, they had the knowledge and ability maneuver Sophisticated and Megalithic structures. They potentially had devices that could manipulate gravity just like the copper tube in the video does with the magnet. Sound manipulates the frequencies of objects, and when you change a frequency it changes the object. You’ve already learned and seen cymatics but, below you can watch a video that shows cymatics more clearly. However our ancestors potentially created or obtained these devices, it does not matter to us today, what does matter, is who they were? Where did they come from? And what happened to their technology and or civilizations? (How long has life really been in existence at least upon our planent?

Sound Manipulates Matter

Everything is made up of sound, if you can alter the environment of an object by changing its frequencies, you will change the object. Guess what our minds output? Thought frequencies! We alter and manipulate the world around us everyday physically!